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Name:A Fang x Lightning Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Fang x Lightning shipping community.

Sorry, Fang and Lightning are out trashing oretoises in hopes of getting more Platinum Ingots. Please stand by until we can get them to stop being awesome and get some work done around here.



Welcome all to a LJ community dedicated to celebrating the mods' favorite "non-canon" ship of FFXIII: Fang/Lightning. We decided to create this LJ comm so other fans of the pairing could get together and share stuff all in one nice, neat, easy location. If you're curious as to why/how the mods ship this pairing, there is a manifesto posted here that should shed light on the matter adequately.

This is a Fang/Lightning yuri/shoujo-ai (SLASH) community. Everything posted here should have something to do with our favorite ladies, whether we're talking about icons, fics, fanart, or what-have-you. Posts can be more general entries about the ladies solo, but the emphasis is on them together so please try to aim for that. Mature material will be allowed but must be marked as such and always contained within a cut--more info about this is included in the rules.

Other pairings are tolerated but they aren't what this community is about. Please don't bash other pairings, but also don't try to use this comm as a forum for discussing how much you love Y/Z. Posts that focus on other pairings entirely are right out. (If you're writing a multi-chapter fic that starts out with one pairing and gradually leads up to/includes Fang/Lightning, then that's okay, but be straight up with that in your notes.)

There's only one other teeny little sticking point, here, in regards to relationships, because whenever having any kind of discussions about yuri in FFXIII it's bound to come up: Fang x Vanille. If you like that particular pairing as well, then that's great. PLEASE DON'T POST IT HERE. There are plenty of other places on the 'net available for you to enjoy that pairing. If there are hints of it in a well-developed fic you're writing, then that's fine, but please keep to the focus of THIS community, which is all about pairing Fang with Lightning.

UPDATE 6/16/2010. In regards to Fang/Lightning/Vanille (aka "Neapolitan," which is really no fair you guys, we have a weakness for ice cream), we will allow it so long as there is still adequate emphasis on Fang/Lightning.


1) Don't be a jerk. While there are disagreements in every community, discussions are to be conducted in a polite manner. We will not tolerate excessive bad language or impoliteness.

2) If you want to post, you must join the comm. Anonymous users are not allowed. This is largely to help keep out bots. This isn't to say that bot accounts aren't created and lurking around on LJ, though--so if you notice anything suspicious, please alert a mod.

3) If you have a lengthy post, please use a cut! Cuts make things a lot nicer for people with a lengthy LJ f-list to read.

4) Pics, icons, and fics should be posted under a cut, with a brief descriptor above the cut to explain what it is. For example:

Fic: (Title Here)
Rating: (Rating here)
Content/Spoiler Warnings: (Gratuitous sex? Bad puns? Ultra uber violence? An oretoise? Let your audience know!)
Summary: (Summary here)


Fanart: (Title Here)
Brief Description: (Insert!)
Content/Spoiler Warnings: (Because pics can be spoilers, too, especially if one is recreating a scene from the game. Also, considering we're talking about warrior women, here, there's also the chance for uber violence.)
Teaser: (Small thumbnail image of part of the piece, by which I mean around 300x300 pixels, UNLESS the fanart is mature in nature, in which case you can't actually show any of the mature parts.)


Icons: (If you have a title for a particular batch, go ahead! Otherwise this is actually a bit optional for this particular type.)
Brief Description: (Number of icons, Theme of icons if applicable.)
Teaser: (Please include three of the icons outside of the cut to act as a preview.)

Other types of media, such as themes and such, should follow a similar layout as listed above.

5) PLEASE don't post art or fics that aren't your own. You may LINK to a DeviantArt or Japanese fanart site, for example, if you like the artist's work and want to share their greatness with us, but stealing work is bad juju and we don't want to encourage that.

Speaking of linking to a site or DA gallery or fanfic archive, please don't hotlink individual images/fics. Link to the main site and give us a title to look for.

6) Mature material must be marked as such. While we certainly don't have a problem with it, not everyone feels the same way, and you never know in what environment you might be browsing the 'net when you happen to scroll by the comm and see a very wet, juicy Fang/Lightning make-out session with their tops off. While this is hot, this is not necessarily something you want passer-bys to see on your screen. Please be considerate of others and put all of it behind a cut. #3 kinda already solves some of this problem by asking you to put most materials that could be of such a nature (fic, fanart) behind a cut, but it bears repeating.

7) Tags: The rules for using tags are simple: when posting content, please use the appropriate tags to describe the content. For example, if posting some fanfiction, you would tag the entry as fanfiction, the appropriate rating, and the main characters featured in the writing. A list of current tags can be found here.


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If you would like to affiliate, please comment here!

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